Pink Fused Alumina


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Pink Fused Alumina and Ruby Fused Alumina is obtained by adding chromium oxide to high purity aluminum oxide during the fusion process. Its color is pink and ruby. The content of chromium oxide added affects the color of the final product. With increased additions of chromium oxide, the toughness of the grain increases. Vagmi abrasives can produce pink fused alumina (PA) and ruby fused alumina (RA), and our PA and RA have the features of good crystallinity, pure color, less impurity, well-distributed particle size composition, low magnetic substance content, high bulk density, high toughness.

Pink Fused Alumina (Low Chromium).


Ruby Fused Alumina.



  • Bonded grinding wheel for precision grinding of knife, measuring tools, instrument parts
  • Blasting media
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