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Step 1: Production/ Contract Processing


As one of the top companies for the recycling of the fused alumina, Vagmi has offered processing of used blasting agents and abrasives for more than 8 years. Fused alumina does not lose its properties through the use as a blasting agent or abrasive. Although the grains are reduced in size, they maintain all abrasive properties. After cleaning and renewed fractioning, the product can be reused in the same or another application.

Metallic particles can normally be removed from a granular mixture easily by means of a magnet – unless the iron particles are very fine. The removal of metallic particles in particular is a challenge with our experience we are prepared for the removal of the metal particles. Another task is the separation of non-iron particles, these include aluminium, stainless steel and also low-quality iron oxides, which are normally non-magnetic. with our experienced employees we can recycle you fused Alumina.


  1. Material analysis
  2. Determination of the impurity
  3. Removal of inorganic contamination
  4. Dedusting
  5. Demagnetizing
  6. Standard sizing of the cleaned material

Step 2: Grinding

In most bulk goods, the particles initially have the grain shape which is present randomly in the raw material. This is usually a mixture of cubic and angular grains without any homogeneity. Such random products are practically unsuitable for any customer application. A rather cubic or rather angular grain shape is an important quality factor, however, which we can control via the grinding procedure in our production.

Fused alumina particles are usually mostly angular in shape. An effective, iron-free rounding procedure ensures subsequent rounding of the grains. Uniform grinding ensures a high yield without producing much dust. The particular properties of rounded grains are good scattering and flow behaviour, better embedding in resin matrices as well as high transparency.


  1. Binds in well
  2. Scatter ability
  3. No cluster formation
  4. High bulk density


  1. Low bulk density
  2. Sharp-edged
  3. Good cutting performance

Step 3: Drying


Drying secures processing. Drying reduces the residual moisture content of the product to a minimum, improves the flow properties and prevents agglutination.

Step 4: Grading

Grains can only be screened to the extent that screens with the suitable mesh width are available. In addition, the screened material must not be so fine that it will no longer fall through the mesh “on its own”. Below approx. 50 µ (0.050 mm), screening is no longer possible. 

The “micrograin range” refers to a grain size finer than 58 µ. This can no longer be determined by vibrating screens, but by methods such as sedimentation or laser measurement (laboratory testing). In the manufacturing process, the grains are fractioned by air separation. Grain distribution is specified by the 50% value (D50), the 3% values (D3) and 94% values (D94)


FEED      D50 (µm)

F 230     53,0 ±3

F 240     44,5 ±2

F 280     36,5 ±1,5

F 320     29,2 ±1,5

F 360     22,8 ±1,5

F 400     17,3 ±1

F 500     12,8 ±1

F 600     9,3 ±1

F 800     6,5 ±1

F 1000  4,5 ±0,8

F 1200  3,0 ±0,5

Step 5: Coating

As one of the leading manufacturers of coated fused alumina, Vagmi provides various chemical solutions for optically demanding and functional surfaces. A firmly adhering coating with silane on the surface of white fused alumina serves as an adhesion promoter and aligns the refractive index of fused alumina and melamine resin or other binding agents. Our coating and drying facility has been designed for a capacity of 20 tonnes/day and can also be used by our customers

Step 6: Trading

As a leading supplier of corundum and toll processing, Vagmi Abrasives offers a comprehensive solution for all your business needs. With a fully stocked warehouse, experienced staff, and flexible transportation options by land, sea, and air, we have established ourselves as a reliable trading partner for companies in a variety of industries, including abrasives, sandblasting, coatings, construction, cosmetics, and machining.

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